Private investigator

At Infinity Investigations, our clients come first. As a private investigation service bureau serving the Toronto GTA, we respect and adhere to all confidentiality and legal requirements to bring about a successful resolution of all investigations undertaken on our clients behalf. Our investigators and team consists of professionals including ex-police detectives and private investigators and detectives with experience.

Our limited to investigating are boundless and will be effective in gathering needed information. The rapport that will exist between all involved shall be extraordinary. Clients will be quite amazed and extremely satisfied with results obtained by Infinity Investigation personnel.


Toronto Private Investigator

As a private investigation company Infinity Investigations provides a wide range of services for personal, corporate and insurance companies. Read more about what a private investigation firm like Infinity Investigation Services can do for you and/or your business. Our private investigators are licensed and committed to serving you.

A private investigator must be versed on what legal manners they are allowed to use to gather information. A private investigator must know when they can use electronic and physical surveillance, database searches, interviews and other methods to gain access to information that can be relevant to their clients cause. There are many pi services out there, some specialize in certain matters such as corporate investigations, legal investigations, personal investigations and background checks. Infinity Investigation Services can help with any private investigation requirement you may need.


Our private investigation services include:

  • Background & Activity Checks
  • Health, Disability, Auto or Life Insurance Claims
  • Disability Issues
  • Workers Compensation & WSIB Fraud Protection
  • Undercover Investigations & covert camera placement operations
  • Domestic Investigation - divorce, infidelity, custody issues, cheating wives, cheating husbands
  • Diverse Languages and private investigation experience

Infinity Investigation Services offers a full range of commercial and corporate investigation services. Potential fraud in these sectors of industry represents enormous costs to corporations big and small. On suspicion of fraud or other problems in the workplace, Infinity can provide assistance in detecting the offender(s). Companies have huge liability potential in such cases and this can be substantially reduced with the correct investigative implementation program.


At Infinity Investigation Services, one of our strengths is our wide diversity of private investigators on staff. There are many ethnic communities in the Toronto area, many of which preserve their own distinct identity. These are often very difficult to penetrate or gain information from unless one is versed in their specific language and customs. Fortunately for our clients, Infinity is able to handle investigations in languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Polish, Ukrainian and Chinese. Read more about our diverse private investigators serving Toronto.


When selecting a private investigator to assist you it is imperative for you to demand only the best in a private detective service. Infinity investigation Services customers are satisfied with our dedicated, time effective service and well trained private investigators on staff.