Private Investigation Services

Mission statement

Infinity’s focus is to provide professional, accurate, timely and confidential services to our clients.  Through employee dedication, ongoing use of current technology and resources, we will deliver prompt and continuous information to assist our clients in making real time, effective decisions.

No Limits, No Boundaries

Joe Martins is a University of Toronto graduate and is working towards a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation with the Insurance Institute of Ontario.  He has ten (10) years experience investigating liability and injury claims with a major North American Insurer.  More recently, he has been a licensed private investigator in Ontario for about nine (9) years with a Toronto based firm. Joe Martins has been in the investigative industry for more than 15 years.


Dan Dao has private investigation experience with surveillance and undercover. As a leader has coordinated multiple team investigations for fraud investigation. A licensed private detective with the experience in multiple facets of private investigation for insurance corporate and personal investigation. Dan Dao has been in the investigative industry for more than 15 years.


At Infinity, our clients come first.  We respect and adhere to all confidentiality and legal requirements to bring about a successful resolution of all investigations undertaken on their behalf.

Our limits to investigating are boundless and will be effective in gathering needed information. The rapport that will exist between all involved shall be extraordinary.  Clients will be quite amazed and extremely satisfied with results obtained by Infinity personnel.  We have a diverse team of private investigators who can help


Repeat customers are our goal and through dedicated, time effective service, this is an absolute inevitability time again.