At Infinity Investigation Services, one of our strengths is our wide diversity of private investigators on staff. There are many ethnic communities in the Toronto area, many of which preserve their own distinct identity. These are often very difficult to penetrate or gain information from unless one is versed in their specific language and customs. Fortunately for our clients, Infinity is able to handle investigations in languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese Cantonese and Chinese.


What this means for our clients is that we can follow the trail wherever it may lead. Private investigator diversity gives us a crucial advantage over other firms. Imagine an agency with nothing except middle-aged white males on staff. They will have difficulty tracing leads down different ethnic grocery stores as example, where their presence will be noticed and commented upon. The ability to blend in to any community is a vital part of the investigative process, and one at which Infinity Investigation Services excels.


Many communities use their own native language as a barrier to communication with outsiders. This naturally makes them less cautious when conversing in their own tongues around outsiders who presumably could not be expected to know the intricacies of a different language. Again, this is where our operatives have the advantage.

That advantage extends to our clients as well. Many of them come to us for help because they know that we can intelligibly converse in the language they are most comfortable with. This allows us to gain a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to assist them with their problem. Very few people are able to express themselves as ably in a second language as they can in their first.


With our wide range of multi-lingual agents, we always have someone available who can elicit the facts and respect their cultural sensitivities. This increases the level of trust and confidence between customer and investigator, which becomes a true win-win situation for both parties. The investigator has a better understanding of the case, and the client feels better about having someone on the case that shows themselves already worthy of the great trust necessary in these sensitive matters.


Infinity Investigation Services can handle your case and provide the best possible opportunity of success for clients of any culture. Give us a call, and let them show what they can do for you.


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