What does a Private Investigator do?


Private investigators can help a person gather and analyze facts for personal or legal matters. They can be used for matters such as people looking to catch a cheating spouse or a business trying to see if a potential employee is being truthful about their past. Private investigation is service people can use just to get peace of mind or to present factual evidence in the court of law.


A private investigator must be versed on what legal manners they are allowed to use to gather information. They must know when they can use electronic and physical surveillance, database searches, interviews and other methods to gain access to information that can be relevant to their clients cause. There are many pi services out there, some specialize in certain matters such as corporate investigations, legal investigations, personal investigations and background checks.

Let's say a person makes an insurance claim that is related to worker's compensation. A company can be suspicious and think that the claim is false and they can hire a private investigator to investigate a person and see if they are truly hurt. There have been cases where worker's compensation claims have been filed and the person claiming to be hurt is video taped doing all kinds of strenuous activity. This makes it easy for a company not to be defrauded by false claims. PI services can help save a company thousands of dollars.


Another example of the use of a private investigator can by a person using private investigation in the matter of a spouse. A person may think that their spouse is having an affair. By using a private investigator that is skilled and has the experience to find out if their spouse is involved in an extramarital affair. This information can be used for personal use and if an affair is confirmed, the information can also be presented in court to help in divorce proceedings.

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